Bat Conservation Working Group

Bat Conservation Working Group

Main Tasks:

  • Conservation of bats and bat’s habitats
  • Assessing impacts of agriculture on bat colonies
  • Regional monitoring of bat species and bat colonies
  • Increase public awareness on bat conservation
  • Conducting research on bat species.
  • Developing regional and sub-regional Bat Conservation Action Plans.
  • Developing regional and sub-regional Bat Monitoring Networks.
  • Facilitating collaboration among experts in the region.
  • Identifying key areas for bat conservation.
  • Supporting studies to assess human impact on the bat species.
  • Support public awareness raising and environmental educational activities.
  • Promoting the development of regional and sub-regional databases on bats’ key observation data and information.
  • Organization of International Bat night event
  • Study of Tick-borne pathogens of bats
  • Determine the role of bats as source of bacterial and viral infections
  • Monitoring of bats  in  karstic caves

Recent Activities:

Board Members:

Astghik Ghazaryan
Group Coordinator

Ioseb Natradze
Group Coordinator
Sasan Fereidouni
Tigran Hayrapetyan
Nijat Hasanov