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 Vol. 9 , Num. 2

Volume 9, Number 2 , 2014
Research papers
Birds of Ghaleh-Now Wetland, Southeastern Tehran: A Comparison of Avian Biodiversity between the 1970s and 2010s
M. Tohidifar & D.A. Scott
pages 31-46
PDF (1.1 M)
Avian ecology
Summer population estimates and diversity of some common bird species in relation to human disturbance along the bank of Dal Lake, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, Northwestern India
A. Noor, Z.R. Mir, M.A. Khan, A. Kamal, M. Ahamad, B. Habib & J.N. Shah
pages 47-53
PDF (607 K)
Environmental Pollution
Dietary Intake and Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals Consumption of Anas strepera and Anas crecca in Southeastern Caspian Sea
M.H. Sinkakarimi, E. Solgi, M. Hassanpour & J.M. Levengood
pages 54-30
PDF (280 K)

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