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 Vol. 8 , Num. 2

Volume 8, Number 2 , 2013
Research papers
Bird Migration
A Review of Current Knowledge of Radio-Tracking of Waterbirds and Raptors in Iran
M.E. Sehhatisabet & A. Khaleghizadeh
pages 22-30
PDF (2.88 M)
Bird conservation
Bird Species of Conservation Concern along the Brahmaputra River in Assam, Northeast India
K. Narasimmarajan, D. Chetri, C. Ri & M.T. Mathai
pages 31-37
PDF (217 K)
Assessment of Mercury Concentration in Feathers of Six Species of Waterbirds in Southern Caspian Sea Wetlands
M. Ahmadpour, H. Hoseini, M. Ahmadpour, A. Mashrofeh, M. Ghasempouri, A. Pourkhabbaz & T. Eskandari
pages 38-44
PDF (404 K)

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