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 Vol. 15 , Num. 1/2

Volume 15, Number 1/2 , 2020
Research papers
Rare birds
Rare birds in Iran during the period 20112015
A. Khaleghizadeh, A. Sangchooli, M. Tohidifar, M. Ghasemi, S. B. Musavi, P. Bakhtiari, A. Habibi-Azad, A. Ashoori & A. Hashemi
pages 1-12
PDF (1.2 M)
Population ecology
Composition and structure of mixed species bird flocks and their seasonal changes in montane forest habitats of Horton Plains National Park, Sri Lanka
K.M.T. Kalhari & W.A.D. Mahaulpatha
pages 13-25
PDF (464 K)
Population ecology
A Brahminy Kite Haliastur indus at Bahu Kalat, Sistan & Baluchestan Province - a new species for Iran
A.H. Aghaei
page 26
PDF (215 K)

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