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West & Central Asian Ornithological Journal

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 Vol. 12 , Num. 2

Volume 12, Number 2 , 2017
Research papers
Avian communities
Proposing Zarivar Wildlife Refuge (Western Iran) as a Ramsar Site Based on Avian Diversity and Conservation Criteria
F. Zarei, S.N. Hosseini, S.S. Amini, J. Pezeshk, L. Maleki & H. Rajabi-Maham
pages 27-42
PDF (645 K)
Evaluation of Mortality Rate of Three Captive Pheasant Species at Dhodial Pheasantry, Mansehra, Pakistan
A. Saeed, A. Ur Rehman, S. Ahmed, M. Awais, T. Mahmood, F. Subhan & S. Mahmood
pages 43–46
PDF (92 K)
Feeding behaviour
SEffect of Comparative Biochemicals and Nutritive Values on Asian Elephant Elephas maximus Panthera tigris with Special Reference to Feeding Habits in the Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, Southern India
M. Ilakkia, B. Ramakrishnan, R. Mary Josephine & S. Ramasubramanian
PDF (226 K)

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