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West & Central Asian Ornithological Journal

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 Vol. 11 , Num. 2

Volume 11, Number 2 , 2016
Research papers
Avian community
Comparison of the Seasonal Occurrence of Birds at the Teknaf Wildlife Sanctuary, Inani Reserve Forest and Chittagong University Campus, Bangladesh
M.F. Ahsan & I.K.A. Haidar
pages 21-34
PDF (686 K)
Concentrations of Heavy Metals in tissues of the Mallard Anas platyrhynchos in Kanibarazan, northwestern Iran
H. Alipour, E. Solgi & F. Majnouni
pages 35-42
PDF (997 K)
Records of Globally Red-listed Bird Species Migrating through the Besh Barmag Bottleneck, Azerbaijan Republic
M. Heiss
pages 43-52
PDF (288 K)

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