• Developing the Vulture Conservation Plan
  • Assessing impacts of agriculture on vulture survival
  • Determination of effects of toxic substances on vulture populations in different geographical areas.
  • Research on contaminants
  • Increase public awareness on preservation of vultures
  • Introducing alternative livestock treatment without Diclofenac
  • Establishment of a vulture count database.





  • Sradha Vyas , Save Vulture Community
  • Sasan Fereidouni , WESCA WIldlife Network
  • Peter Jones , Spanish Nature
  • Tim Snow
  • Narasai Sekar
  • Devendra Bhardwaj , Rajasthan forest services
  • Deepak Brid
  • Brawin Kumar , Zoo Outreach Organisation


For more information about this working group and membership, please Contact the Co-ordinator