Dr. Sasan Fereidouni is the head of WESCA Wildlife Network, a network of local and international specialists who work in the field of wildlife health and conservation. His work focuses on creating and strengthening local wildlife health capacities and promoting wildlife conservation in the region, facilitating and organizing collaborative research projects on wildlife issues especially zoonotic emerging pathogens.

He is the the regional co-ordinator of IUCN - Wildlife Health Specialist Group (WHSG) for West & Central Asian and Caucasus countries.

He is the co-founder of Bird Conservation Society of Iran. This NGO was founded in 1999. He has led several research projects and has published over 30 articles in peer-reviewed journals. He is a member of OFFLU , OIE/FAO Network of expertise on animal influenza.


He has contributed in several international training workshops for international organizations such as FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization for the United Nations) and the OIE (World Animal Health Organization). One of his main research interests is monitoring and surveillance of infectious diseases in wild animals; and developing reliable methods for performing those studies more economic and feasible